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WorldSkills: keeping moving during a global pandemic


17 June 2020 at 12:00 (GMT)

The first talk was the starting point for a series of regular WorldSkills Talks in 2020. Our overarching goal was to ensure that young professional's voices were being heard. This talk gave detailed real-life stories as well as a sense of the personal situations and challenges of young professionals, so that the experts and the audience in general could learn from them.

We also wanted to give different stakeholders in the field the chance to discuss and present their views on the current challenges caused by the global pandemic.

This session had a parallel session at the end of the series on World Youth Skills Day (15 July).

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Chris Humphries (Moderator)

Acting President of WorldSkills

David Hoey (Welcome Note)

CEO, WorldSkills International

Amelia Addis

Representative for ASEAN and Oceania, WorldSkills Champions Trust, New Zealand

Shae White

Representative for Americas, WorldSkills Champions Trust

Barthélemy Deutsch

Former Representative of Europe, WorldSkills Champions Trust

Elfi Klumpp

Head of Partnership Development Global Education, Festo Didactic SE

Borhene Chakroun

Director, UNESCO Division for Policies and Lifelong Learning Systems

Mark Bramer

Professor Conestoga College, Ontario, Canada, WorldSkills Experts Faculty