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WorldSkills Premiere Experience 2007



Nov. 14
Day 1

Nov. 15
Day 2

Nov. 16
Day 3

Nov. 17
Day 4

Nov. 18


Some VIPs arrived the day before and some arrived on this morning. VIPs stayed at Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Tokyo City tourism excursion 

Guided tour of WSC

Guided tour of Mt. Fuji

(VIPs on 3 day programme depart today)

Departures from Narita Airport or choose to stay for extra time


Informal lunch at the Grand Hyatt Hotel (12:00-13:30)

VIP Luncheon at Grand Hyatt Tokyo – (12:30-14:00)

WSLF Luncheon at WSC site – 

Served a formal lunch as a guest at the Restaurant Service Competition



Opening Ceremonies – Shizuoka Granship
Procession starts at 3:10pm

International themed seminars – Grand Hyatt Tokyo 

Independent tour of WSC and explore GSV

Independent tour of WSC and explore GSV


VIP Reception –Granship restaurant – (18:00-19:20)

Canadian Embassy Reception in Tokyo – 

Farewell Dinner
in Tokyo – Happo-en Garden

Informal dinner
in Tokyo


GSV: Global Skills Village
VIP: Very Important Person 
WSC: WorldSkills Competition 
WSLF: WorldSkills Leaders Forum