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BRICS: creating a joint vision on Skills Development

14 August 2015 - Host: SENAI and BRICS Business Council

In recent years, Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, China, and South Africa - BRICS - have transformed the world map of education, bringing millions people into schools, establishing centres of world-class learning, driving innovation, and sharing expertise and knowledge. During the sixth annual BRICS Summit, held in Fortaleza, Brazil, in July 2014, BRICS leaders affirmed the strategic importance of education for sustainable development and inclusive economic growth. They also pledged to strengthen cooperation among them. The seminar created a common vision for the future of skills development in its countries.


Susana Carrillo, Senior Specialist at the World Bank

Susana is the Senior Specialist at the World Bank and Senior International Development Executive with multidisciplinary experience working across sectors and practices. Before joining the World Bank, she worked for the United Nations Development Program in West Africa, Central America, and New York on socio-economic development and inclusive growth. She has a Master’s Degree in International Development from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva and a Master’s Degree in International Development and Public Policy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University. 

Pavel Luksha, Professor of Practice at SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management

Member of Expert Council of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, co-founder of Russian Research and Development Directors Club. Expertise in education and mentoring of technological start-ups and executive teams focused on research and development and innovation. Leader of Education 2030, Skills 2030, and NeuroWeb Foresight projects, author of Future Agendas for Global Education and Navigator through Jobs of the Future, and creator of Rapid Foresight methodology. Co-leader of RF Group, a think-and-do tank in education. In 2012 and 2013, Luksha co-founded and directed a Russian Foresight Fleet programme (largest future-awareness education project in the world). Research in evolutionary economics, information theory, and systems thinking. 

Marcello Pio, Industrial Development Specialist at CNI (National Confederation of Industry) in Brasilia, Brazil

Expertise in technological observatory and prospective actions (future studies), developing technical and organizational prospective studies, vocational education and occupational changes, technology and innovation indicators for industrial sectors, building perspective scenarios and applying general prospective tools, to identify occupational and educational impacts in order to update vocational training and services according to the needs of Brazilian industries. He holds a PhD in Chemical and Biochemical Process Technology and a Master's degree in Chemical and Biochemical Process Technology. He worked as a teacher at the Euro-American University Centre.