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International Ministers Conference
21st century initiatives to foster technical and vocational education

14 August 2015 - Host: Brazilian Ministry of Education and WorldSkills São Paulo 2015

Recognizing the potential of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in supporting rapid demographic and technological changes, countries are prioritizing TVET and more broadly skills development as a key strategy to address youth unemployment and sustainable development. Central to the skills development agenda beyond 2015 is to ensure that all young people and adults have equitable access to learning opportunities and possess skills, knowledge, and competencies that are recognized and relevant for work and further professional and personal development. This forum expanded the debate by looking beyond 2015 education goals and the future agenda for TVET. Experiences from Brazil, South Korea, Russia, Germany, Colombia, and the Netherlands will facilitate global dialogue on repositioning TVET in the post-2015 education context and development agenda.