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4.3 Digital Skills WorldSkills China


The urgency to prioritize digital skills development became even more evident in the pandemic when evaluation, management, and responses relied on policymakers access to people with agile digital skills. Digital skills were crucial for children and youth across the globe to continue their education amongst social distancing measures.

From supporting access to entry-level skills, equipment, and networks to keeping up with Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and big data analytics, digital skills have altered at rapid speeds how we work, learn, and play.

Join us to understand what the pandemic taught us about the digital skills of the future. How can digital skills support societies to achieve equitable and accelerated economic recovery? What role do digital skills play in supporting and limiting our resiliency?

Moderator: Chen Xiaoxi, Associate Researching Professor, WorldSkills Competition China (Tianjin) Research Center, PRC


Alina Doskanova

Technical Delegate, WorldSkills Russia

Paweł Poszytek

Official Delegate, WorldSkills Poland

Zhai Tao

, WorldSkills China