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Skills and Careers without Borders – Second session: Towards new coordination and governance approaches

17 October 2017 at 09:15 in Conference Room A

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In partnership with the European Commission, and the European Training Foundation (ETF)

In a globalized world, where skills know no borders, how can education and training providers respond to changing skills demands? In the second session on this subject, a panel will ask how international standards and requirements influence national education and training provisions. They will discuss also what kind of cooperation and coordination mechanisms will be required in the future, including an assessment of how vocational education and training providers can improve dialogue with national and international employers.


Luisa Coutinho

Executive Director, International Welding Federation

Luisa Coutinho has coordinated and participated in more than 100 national and international research, transfer of technology and training projects since 1986 and has published more than 200 books, papers in national and international journals and conference proceedings.
Her work has been recognized internationally in different forums through two honorary doctorships and ten international awards.
Luisa Coutinho has been involved, as an entrepreneur in the start up companies Lasindustria, a laser job-shop, 1989, Intersis, development of industrial automation systems, 1990, SAF, multimedia training materials, 1992 ,QS&S, management and technical consultancy, 1995

Rodion Kolyshko

Director of IPQ, Adviser to Confederation of employers of Ukraine, Confederation of Employers of Ukraine

In 1998 Rodion graduated from Kyiv National University (named by T. Shevchenko, Master of International Law.) He went on to become a staff lecturer at the university between 1999-2005. Rodion’s academic career was rounded off in 2003 with the completion of his PhD in law. From 2005 Rodion spent 11 years working within the Employers’ Movement of Ukraine, specifically dealing with the national qualification system and education quality assurance. Between 2007 – 2010 he was also a member of National Tripartite Social-economic Council from the employers’ side. In recent years Rodion has also served as a member of the National Agency on Quality Assurance of Higher Education in Ukraine. Since 2016 he has served in his present role of Advisor of Confederation of employers of Ukraine and Director of Institute of Professional Qualifications (a unique NGO that generalizes the national experience on NQF implementation and international practices to support stakeholders that contribute to the development of the National qualification system of Ukraine.)

Cesare Onestini (Moderator)

Director, ETF

Cesare Onestini joined his current role in September 2017, having previously served as Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to India and Bhutan.Since 1995 he has worked on numerous projects for the European institutions including the promotion of cooperation in education and training, for which he developed projects for intercultural education; coordinated school partnerships and teachers' mobility across Member States and was also part of the team developing proposals for the first EU programmes for Life Long Learning. Cesare has also worked for the European Union in external relations, international trade, security and crisis management including a stint at the EU Delegation to the UN in New York. For the 2013-14 academic year, he was a Visiting Fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore. He has also graduated from Oxford University.

Elnur Suleymanov

Head of department of employment policy and demography, Ministry of Labour, Azerbaijan

Elnur graduated from Azerbaijan State University of Economics with honors, (the faculty of International Economic Relations) in 1997. Three years later he graduated from Baku Asian University (Law faculty). By 2005 Elnur had gone on to secure a MBA degree in Strategic Management., at Higher School of Economics under the State University, Moscow. Between 2012- 2014 he performed a postgraduate study at Russian Academy of Entrepreneurship, Moscow. The subject was 'The modernization of insurance intermediaries' management process. During his professional career Elnur has worked in several fields these have included various positions at the International Bank of Azerbaijan and Allianz Group in both Munich and San Francisco. Between 2003 - 2013 he worked in various companies in Moscow. These included a stint at Allianz Group, where he started as member of the Integration Project Group before working his way up to the Board of Directors as Sales Director. Between 2010 and 2013 his positions included deputy CEO in ONEXIUM GROUP and Chairman of the board in SOQLASIYE Ltd, Insurance Group. In 2014, he was appointed the Director of the Social Protection Development Project jointly implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population and the World Bank. Since February 2016 he has served as the Head of Employment Policy and Demography Department at Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population of Azerbaijan Republic.

Dr. Osman Yildiz

Secretary General, HAKIS, Trade Union representative, Turkey

Osman has vast experience of working for professional bodies and has been with the HAK-İŞConfederastion for 23 years. He has also served as a member of the ETUC, the ITUC, the EU Turkey Joint Consultative Economic and Social Committee, as well as, the EU ACVT, ELGPN and VQA. His current role includes representing the Confederation at national and international meetings, discussing matters that are EU-related and UN-related. He also coordinates the HAK-İŞ activities with NGO's, conducts research on the labour-related issues, industrial relations and prepares policy reports. Osman’s project experience means he is an expert in numerous fields including on the ISAG Project (Strengthening the Occupational Health and Safety System in Turkey, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs between 2004-2006); the MEDA Project (for which he was a member of the steering committee) which covered Democracy Civil Society and Social Dialogue by ETUC, HAK-İŞ, DİSK and KESK between 2001-2003.He also served as Coordinator of the Project on Developing Bipartite Model for effective Implementation of the Labour Law between HAK-İŞ and TİSK (Employer Confederation), 2007, MoLLS, as well as being a member of Steering Committee, Administrative and Trainer of the joint Project of ETUC with HAK-İŞ, TÜRK-İŞ and DİSK on Civil Society Dialogue: Bringing together Workers from Turkey and the EU through a Shared Culture of Work. In addition he has been involved in several ILO-IPEC Child Labour Projects carried outby HAK-İŞ, in cooperation with other social partners.