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Working group

Fostering cooperation between VET and the industry in e-commerce and digital professions


15 October 2018 at 15:40 in Grand Ballroom

The Top Centre E-Commerce (TCE) Region Zwolle is a collaboration between 5 schools from Vocational Education, Kennispoort, two provinces, 20 municipalities (which together form the Region Zwolle) and 35 e-commerce companies, including Wehkamp, Travelbags and Yourhosting.This cooperation started in 2016. The TCE focuses on the substantive connection between the schools and businesses, the branding of the Zwolle region as an e-commerce region and the building of a network between the companies and schools. In the session we will discuss how we have established the connection between education and the business community, and what our ambitions are for 2020. We would also like to receive tips on how we can achieve a successful independence without subsidies, after four years TCE to ensure future existence.


Jan-Ernst van Driel

Director Marketing & Communication, Deltion College