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Discover international skills: How to contribute to international skills for all?


in Grand Ballroom

The Netherlands is a small country and its inhabitants form a multicultural society. We speak more than 162 languages. No matter what your profession is, whether you are a doctor, a secretary, a cleaner or a plumber; in our changing country you live, work and learn in an internationalizing society. We are also aware that global issues like climate change, migration and technological developments play an increasing role in our everyday live. They affect our economic growth and social development and therefore demand our concern and active engagement, amongst others through education. How does this work in practice, and what is the role of international skills?

Susanne will open the session with a brief introduction to Internationalisation for all. She will illustrate a.o. why language skills and world citizenship play important parts when it comes to international skills and give examples how they can be acquired. This ‘Dutch approach’ will be leading in the session’s discussion around the topic: Why are international skills important (to you and how could you make it work)?

During the session Susanne is interested to listen and hear about your questions, experiences or ideas related to internationalization in education in the sector of vocational education and training. Different approaches will be explored by learning from each other, especially in connection to the labor market at home but also abroad. The aim of the sessions is to become inspired and return home with some new ideas in you suitcase.




Susanne Feiertag

Senior Policy Officer, Nuffic