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Working group

House of Skills: Re-skilling and lifelong learning in changing labour markets


in Grand Ballroom

The labour market in Amsterdam is changing faster than ever. At the same time, there is a growing mismatch between demand from employers and skills, especially lower- and medium-skilled working population. Given shortages on the labour market, employers must pay more attention to people’s skills and less to their diplomas. The labour market must therefore be transformed into a more skills-oriented labour market and we have to develop a mutual skill language to make change possible.

The House of Skills project is a collaboration of the business community, trade organisations, employee and employer organisations, knowledge institutes, education and administrators in Amsterdam. Together they carry out pilot projects and develop skills-oriented career programmes to develop structural solutions to this problem. This session focusses on how to start a collaboration like House of Skills, why House of Skills works in this broad partnership, what House of Skills aims to accomplish and what obstacles they come across.


Annelies Spork

Program Director, House of Skills Metropolitan area Amsterdam