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Kitty Oirbons

Boardmember, ROC Rijnijssel

Mrs. Kitty Oirbons MME (1961) has after her university study been working in education for almost 30 years, in various sectors. She has worked at 3 different universities of applied sciences, in secondary education and in VET Colleges; Agricultural VET (AOC in Dutch) as well as general VET (ROC in Dutch). Currently she is member of the board of VET College Rijn IJssel in Arnhem. Working on innovation in education, organizational development and strategy are important spearheads in her career. In her vision of education and learning she always assumes that it is the responsibility of the school to ensure that the education is suitable for everyone. Within her own organization she works on flexible and personalized education. On national level Kitty Oirbons is involved as chair of the board of the national platform for appropriate education. A platform, consisting of employees from all the VET Colleges in the Netherlands who work on the realization of inclusive VET.