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No women? No success for the 4IR


24 August 2019 at 11:00 in Concert Hall

Advancing gender equality is crucial to ensure a sustainable future. If women — who account for half the world’s working-age population—do not achieve their full economic potential, the global economy will suffer. But as we navigate the shifts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the challenge is even more urgent. How do we ensure equal access to the digital transformation? And, how can we boost access to skills, to ensure women and girls are fully empowered to participate in the coming revolutions?

Moderator: Denise Amyot, President and CEO, Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan), UNEVOC




Neil Bentley-Gockmann

CEO, WorldSkills UK

Amelia Addis

Regional Representative for ASEAN and Oceania, WorldSkills Champions Trust

Jayshree Seth

Corporate Scientist and Chief Science Advocate, 3M

Kathleen Elsig

Head of Strategic Partnerships and Development, The Global Apprenticeship Network GAN