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WorldSkills Conference 2019
Skills for Change:
Building Blocks for Impact

23-24 August 2019 in Kazan, Russia

2019 marked the biggest WorldSkills Conference to date, attracting over 1000 educators, ministers, government officials, leaders of business and industry, and youth. Debate focused on the challenges and risks posed by seismic shifts taking place in the world of work, and the need to create green jobs and green skills that tackle the pressing issue of climate change.

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As societies transform, how can we ensure young people fulfil their potential?

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The Programme 2019

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The programme, which was developed under the strategic leadership of the WorldSkills Conference Coalition, discussed first the challenges, and megatrends, that we face in our societies throughout the world. These ranged from the negative like economic shocks and climate change, to the positive like technological transformation. The subsequent session examined the solutions and advantages that skills offer to these megatrends, in the context of the fourth Industrial Revolution and climate change, and how skills will be integral to a better future for us all.

Day 1

23 August 2019

Powerful forces are shaping our world. Will we rise to the challenges of climate change, new technologies, and globalisation by harnessing skills to unlock our full potential?

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Day 2

24 August 2019

Throughout history, skilled individuals have always played a powerful role in the service of humanity. With an uncertain future will highly trained and educated young people continue to prove that skills change lives?

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Take a look at the three tracks that built the conference

  Skills for evolving economies

This track discussed young people’s ability to stay agile in the face of uncertainty and using their skills to create a more productive, competitive, and inclusive economy.

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  Roadmaps to thriving societies

Here, we explored how skills can build a world where happy, tolerant, and equal global citizens coexist and collaborate through skills-based solutions.

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  Towards self-sustaining ecosystems

Throughout this track, participants explored ways to train the next generation for “green collar jobs” that will, in turn, translate to a greener and more circular economy.

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