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Cooperation practices to train agile skilled young people


24 August 2019 at 14:30 in Room 1

Strong cross-sectoral collaboration is essential to develop viable paths towards the creation and inclusion of adaptable young people throughout the value chain. Such frameworks, designed and implemented with key stakeholders such as employers, education institutions, policymakers, and students, will succeed if they are adapted to their regional contexts. This session will allow participants to exchange perspectives and discover best practices on concrete solutions, especially apprenticeship programmes.

Facilitator for Africa: Aggrey Ndombi, National Project Coordinator, ILO, Kenya

Facilitator for Latin America: Esteban Cubillo Víquez, CEO Founder,, Costa Rica


Kathleen Elsig

Head of Strategic Partnerships and Development, The Global Apprenticeship Network GAN

Norbert Schoebel

Team Leader, European Commission

Ranjan Choudhury

Sr. Head, WorldSkills India