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A world at risk: developing the skill sets to endure, adapt, and thrive


23 August 2019 at 10:45

The world is facing dramatic transformations: climate change, globalization and a technological revolution that affects every industry. These challenges present great opportunities to harness collective efforts to unlock our full human potential. How can we leverage skills to develop a human-centered agenda for economic and social policy as well as business practice?


Tatyana Golikova

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia for Social Policy, Russia; Chairman of the 45th WorldSkills Competition Organizing Committee

Heinz Koller

Regional Director, Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, ILO

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Former Trader, Risk Specialist, and Author

Amelia Addis

Regional Representative for ASEAN and Oceania, WorldSkills Champions Trust

David Hoey

CEO, WorldSkills International

Jaime Saavedra

Global Director, Education, World Bank