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Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Former Trader, Risk Specialist, and Author

Nassim Nicholas Taleb spent over 20 years as a trader before becoming a researcher in philosophical, mathematical, and practical problems with probability.

Taleb is the author of a multivolume essay, the Incerto, covering broad facets of uncertainty. These three books — The Black Swan, Fooled by Randomness, and Antifragile — have been translated into 36 languages.

Taleb has also published nearly 50 scholarly papers in statistical physics, statistics, philosophy, ethics, economics, international affairs, and quantitative finance, all around the notion of risk and probability. He has been Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering at NYU's School of Engineering and Dean's Professor at UMass Amherst. Taleb’s current focus is on the properties of systems that can handle disorder, those which he has described as "antifragile".