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3.1 Strengthening inclusivity: new learning models


Employment rates and national income have drastically deteriorated in all countries. In rich and poor countries alike, disadvantaged or marginalized groups such as women, migrants, youth, or low-skilled workers are suffering the most. This session will explore how can government and local bodies promote a broad‐based economic growth that leads to the creation of productive employment, that leads to poverty reduction and more equitable, sustainable societies.

Moderator: Raffaele Trapasso, Senior Economist, OECD


Yousra Assali

Regional Representative for Middle East and North Africa, WorldSkills Champions Trust

Hiromichi Katayama

Programme Specialist, Section of Youth, Literacy and Skills Development, UNESCO

Shi Likang

Deputy Director General, Yunnan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security

Sarah Ndinya

Director of Design and Technology, Educate!

Aidan Sloane

Interim Director of Development and Infrastructure, Belfast Metropolitan College