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Improving VET: the Practoraten Movement in the Netherlands


in Industriële Club 1

An introduction of the ‘Practoraten’-movement in VET in the Netherlands and a closer look at one of the ‘Practoraten’: Media Literacy.
Practors are research associates in VET Colleges creating a ‘practoraat’, a platform of expertise with an applied research on a certain topic. Started in 2015 the movement counts over 30 ‘practoraten’ in 2018 varying from ‘Food & Innovation’ to ‘Applied Technology in Healthcare’. The goal of ‘Practoraten’ is development and improvement of the quality of vocational education and training, didactics and (learning) methods in VET in the Netherlands. This is done in close cooperation with industry partners enhancing the standards of teaching and educational practice in order to get skilled teachers and Youth become more futureproof.
‘Practoraat’ Media Literacy is learning by doing’ on an experimental scale as the driving activity which feeds both individual reflection and deliberate collective learning on a team level regarding the role of media literacy in both everyday teaching practice as well as students’ future professions. Assisting teachers in their scientific and practical explorations of educational theories and the concept of media literacy. Also supporting teachers in informal, professional development in everyday context of teaching. The aim is to explicitly address teachers’ knowledge base and experience, critically question their belief systems and actively promote teachers. readiness towards implementing media literacy in their teaching practice and the curriculum.




Dr. Paulo Moekotte

Research Associate (Practor) in Media Literacy, Mediacollege Amsterdam, HMC Amsterdam, MBO College West-ROC van Amsterdam and ROC TOP

Jorick Scheerens

Initiator and Coordinator, Practoraten