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Working group

Attracting higher education for more VET trained craftspeople


in Grand Ballroom

In the Netherlands 80.000 young crafts(wo)man yearly graduate from their vocational education (MBO). Only 25% of them will graduate at a higher professional education. Marieke Gervers, social innovator and practor, is fascinated by what the other 75% do. Why do these young adults, mostly under the age of twenty, exit formal education before they have reached their highest level, their full potential?
With financial support of the City of Amsterdam Marieke Gervers is researching this subject by empathizing and co-creating with young creative crafts(wo)men and by prototyping possible solutions. Together with strategic, social and educational experts they have developed an innovative 'Life Long Learning model’ named sQuare. Marieke Gervers will show the sQuare learning model and she will explain how practical crafts(wo)men can be inspired for life long learning in formal education.