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Working group

Exploring new markets for skills competitions


in Amber

Fast changes in the world economies result in the appearance of new markets and new demands for skills. That leads to a gap between industry demands and training programs. By using WorldSkills experience, tools and standards in skills training and assessment, we can develop effective models and mechanisms for closing this gap. Let’s share experience of new approaches and mechanisms that WS operators use at the national level and consider possible direction of development for international movement.

Main topics:
1. New formats of the WorldSkills Competition: hackathon, maker challenge, skills swap How can we bland traditional and new formats?
2. Soft Skills: how it could be presented in WorldSkills (set of skills, tasks and formats of competition)? How we can assess soft skills?
3. New WorldSkills markets: VET on-line training, TV-show, WorldSkills on-line platform – what else can we provide?


WorldSkills_for_new markets.pdf


Robert Urazov

Director General, Union «Young professionals (WorldSkills Russia)”