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Transforming institutions to become TVET innovation hubs in a time of disruption


in Diamond Theatre

The UNESCO-UNEVOC, UNESCO’s specialized centre for TVET, is implementing a Skills for Innovation hub initiative which derives from major ongoing global disruptions in work and society. The world is changing at a faster pace than ever before especially due to the triple effects of climate change, digitalisation and new forms of entrepreneurship. The interconnected nature of these sectors is on the one hand disrupting every aspect of work and life, but on the other are creating a critical mass of innovation and new employment opportunities across all sectors. These wide-ranging changes are making it increasingly challenging for national TVET policy makers and systems’ developers to anticipate and provide the innovative skills needed by business, society and learners on the uncertain labour market of the future. TVET schools have the potential to drive innovation in their local eco-system and provide the skills needed for innovation in their local environment, and in parallel innovate the learning processes and products offered to youth and adults. UNEVOC is piloting a framework in this line. The workshop will facilitate exchange on the important guideposts for innovation in TVET schools, and draw from the rich experiences of the UNEVOC Network (European cluster) in implementing TVET innovation models that work and foster collaboration with partners in the local skills ecosystem.


Transforming_institutions_to_become_TVET_innovation_hubs_UNESCO_EC .pdf


Kenneth Barrientos

Programme Officer, UNESCO-UNEVOC

Mikel Leunda Iztueta

Member, Applied Innovation Area in Tknika

João Santos

Deputy Head of Unit in the Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs, and Inclusion, European Commission