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Create your path: entrepreneurship education to boost skilled people


24 August 2019 at 14:30 in Room 4

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In a gig economy in which freelancing, and self-employment are becoming the norm, entrepreneurial skills are essential to succeed. Having these skills is essential for young people in their professional careers. Entrepreneurship also opens opportunities to solve social issues. This session will address the frameworks and tools that are necessary to achieve such ambitions. With the participation of candidate(s) from the BeChangeMaker programme.

Moderator: Shane Mann, Managing Director, Lsect




Anastasia Fetsi

Head of Operations Department, European Training Foundation

Mikko Sallinen

Head of Learning Experience, Omnia Education Partnerships Ltd Finland

Maxim Kiselev

CEO, ANO Human Capital Development

Saje Molato

CEO and Founder, Siklab, Philippines and BeChangeMaker 2019 finalist

Manish Kumar

Managing Director, CEO, National Skill Development Corporation India