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Catching the digital skills wave (before it’s too late)


in Room 4

Technological progress and the advent of the digital economy have created new business models and a demand for a more skilled workforce. However, uneven digital penetration across socio-economic landscapes results in a digital skills divide, with many people unable to catch up to the fast-paced digital workforce. What are the cutting-edge, promising skills of this field? And, how can targeted digital skills training allow those who are most isolated to leapfrog back into the market? Looking forward, how will we prevent the digital skills divide from widening further?

Moderator: Jordan Shapiro, Nonresident fellow in the Center for Universal Education, Brookings Institution


Carla De Bona

UX Designer and Co-Founder, {reprograma}, Brazil

Srinivas Reddy

Branch Chief, International Labour Organization

Mailis Reps

Minister of Education, Republic of Estonia

Maxim Voloshin

CEO, Codewards